• Bed Bug Elimination
  • Cockroach Control
  • Fly Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Wildlife Management
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Are you bunking with bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a real problem in New York City for hotels, hospitals, schools, retail stores, theaters, among several other businesses and private homes. Although bed bugs contain 20 human pathogens they have never transmitted a single disease to humans. Their saliva contains proteins, which cause progressive sensitivity with each bite. Depending upon the intensity and frequency of bed bug bites, humans experience symptoms in different stages.

Once bed bugs have established a presence in your home or business, you need the expertise of a pest professional to eliminate them. Contact National Pest Expert today and one of our service specialists will design a bed bug elimination program to meet the needs of your private residence or business.


  • Bed bug bites create small red bumps that can be extremely itchy which is the primary indicator but this is not always reliable. Some people have little to no reaction to bedbugs and in others; it can take up to 14 days for bites to become visible. Bites can become infected from excess scratching and unbearable in humans with allergic reactions.
  • Small brown spots (feces) on bedding and small smears on sheets
  • Bed bugs and their translucent eggs are commonly found in the seams of mattresses and box springs, bed frames, behind headboards, dressers, behind wallpaper, along baseboards, or any other objects near where people sleep or rest
  • Bed bugs lay eggs in hard to reach cracks and crevices


Let National Pest Experts design a comprehensive bed bug program for your New York City home or business.

Your National Pest Experts Service Specialist will:

  • Identify the pest
  • Inspect your property and determine the root cause, infested furnishings (box springs, mattresses, etc.) and locate the nests
  • Apply a dual mode of action liquid spray
  • Apply a desiccant dust for deep penetration into cracks and crevices and hard to reach areas
  • Implement a monitoring and corrective action plan which consists of follow up visits
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and repairs when needed

If you suspect a bed bug infestation
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Are your cockroaches up during the day?

If you are located in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or New York City the American cockroach and German cockroach are the two most common species pestering residential and commercial establishments.

It is vital to exclude cockroaches from your home or business: especially restaurants, supermarkets, office buildings, and schools. Undoubtedly, cockroaches are a nuisance and pose sanitary health issues that could result in contamination of food and negative customer experience.

Cockroaches can spread bacteria and organisms, which cause cholera, dysentery, food poisoning, salmonella and strep when transmitted to humans. Additionally, decomposing body parts, saliva, and feces from cockroaches trigger allergies and asthma symptoms in many people. In fact, people with asthma are 1.5 times more likely to suffer severe asthma symptoms if cockroaches reside in their home or business.

Exposure to cockroach allergens is a major health concern for asthmatic children!


  • The American cockroach (water bug) typically feeds on sewage, can be 1.5 inches long, and has reddish-brown wings and light markings on its thorax
  • The German cockroach typically feeds on sugars, starches, and meats, is between 1/2 and 5/8 inches long, and is light brown with two dark stripes down its back.
  • They have an acrid odor that may permeate items with which they come in contact
  • They like dark, damp places with a plentiful food supply; hide during the day in warm, dark places, such as under sinks, behind dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators, and inside wall voids.
  • They usually forage at night feeding on a variety of foods, and materials such as soap, hair, and glue.


During breeding season, cockroaches can produce 350,000 offspring, averaging about two million a year! Let National Pest Experts design a cockroach control program specifically for your New York City home or business.

Your National Pest Experts specialist will:

  • Inspect your structure and identify the problem - preferably at night
  • Determine the root cause (heat, water, shelter)
  • Identify and remove the nest
  • Design and implement the most effective corrective action plan
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM ) and repairs when necessary

If you suspect a cockroach infestation
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FLY CONTROL Pest Control

Don’t let your profits fly away

Files are more than just nuisance pests; they are vectors to hundreds of disease pathogens causing illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, Salmonella, and Shigella. They carry bacteria and germs on their bodies and in their saliva, contaminating everything they land on. Allowing flies to enter your premises can hinder both your business operations and company image. More importantly are a danger to your customers and employees health and can result in Board of Health fines.

Managing a fly problem starts with eliminating fly breeding sites and materials they are attracted to and lay their eggs upon. A thorough inspection, species identification, and sanitary modifications are all vital to the elimination and prevention of fly infestations in order for mechanical and chemical pest control methods to be effective for your New York City home or business.

SMALL FLY Elimination

Small flies include; flies; fruit flies, phorid flies, drain flies. Aerosols are used to eliminate the adult population. Growth regulators are applied to interrupt flies reproductive cycle preventing further development. Drain enzymes are used to eliminate organic matter (the source of infestation).

LARGE FLY Elimination

Large flies include; house flies, blow flies, flesh flies, stable flies, cluster flies. Fly baiting programs target “hot spots” such as dumpsters, basements, kitchens, and dining rooms. Fly light traps (placed at the correct height) and residual applications to eliminate the adult fly population that has invaded the interior of your facility.


With our highly effective programs, you can be confident in your ability to maintain a FLY-FREE environment!

Your New York City National Pest Expert Service Specialist will design a program to serve your individual needs whether you are a supermarket, restaurant, manufacturing, distribution business, or a homeowner.

Inspection of the exterior and interior of your premise to check for issues that may lead to flies entering your facility.

Identification of the fly species involved in the immediate infestations.

Sanitation & Exclusion techniques such as eliminating fly breeding sites and materials they are attracted to and lay their eggs on, e.g. use of screen door, etc.

Mechanical controls include liquid and granular baits. Insect light traps placed no higher than five feet off the floor and not to be seen from the outside of the building.

Chemical controls a valuable component of a fly program but not the only solution.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) recommended when necessary.

If you suspect a fly infestation
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Do you smell a Rat?

Rats and mice can pose serious health and property risks once they have setup residence in your building or residence. As vectors of disease, they can trigger allergic reactions, cause food poising, Hantavirus, and many other illnesses. They can contaminate your food supply and burrow within insulation, destroy expensive equipment, chew electrical wiring, and beverage lines.

It’s estimated that rodents are responsible for 20-25% of all fires of unknown cause due to their tendency for gnawing electrical wiring and gas lines! If you find rodent feces, hear scurrying in the walls, or observe other signs of a rodent infestation contact National Pest Experts

Your National Pest Expert has the training necessary to identify rodent problems and recommend the most responsible and effective pest management methods available for your home or building.

As pest professionals, we will control your immediate situation and devote the necessary time and resources required to identify long-term solutions to the mice and/or rat problem in your New York City business.


Let National Pest Experts design a rodent control program specifically for your New York City business

  • Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your structure to determine the root-cause and location of the nests.
  • Check for sanitation issues such as vegetation around the foundation and trash buildup
  • Develop a control and maintenance plan which may include a baiting system
  • Exclusion and repairs
  • Monitoring and documentation including pest activity logs, sightings
  • Integrated pest Management (IPM) when needed

Ask about our MAP-TRAP-REPAIR Program!

If you suspect a rodent infestation
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Discovering wild animals in and around your home or workplace is more than just a nuisance, these pests may damage your property, eat and contaminate your food, and compromise the health and safety of your family, pests, employees and customers. Whether its birds, bats, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, or another nuisance specie National Pests Experts team specialize in the removal and prevention of uninvited critters commercial and residential customers throughout NYC and Long Island New York face.

Our licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators specialize in finding the root cause of the problem while utilize integrated pest management (IPM) techniques to quickly and efficiently abate your wildlife conflicts and prevent future invasions in homes, businesses, and municipalities.

We approach wildlife removal and prevention services to fit your needs. Whether you are dealing with a current wildlife problem or wish to establish a protective barrier to prevent future infestations we can help. We provide one time service to quickly solve your problems and recurring service for property owners needing ongoing maintenance. Call National Pest Experts today 1-888-567-7100

Signs of Wildlife

  • Holes outside around attic and chimney
  • Feces and rub marks
  • Odors of urine
  • Signs of flies

What this means to you

  • Reduced wildlife populations
  • Less damage to your property
  • Reduced liability
  • Less wildlife encounters

National Pest Experts Wildlife Management Services

Service programs designed for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in suburban and urban areas experiencing wildlife conflicts.


  • Inspection of your property to identify possible entry and exit points, and search for evidence to determine the animal species and extent of invasion
  • Consultation with property owner detailing inspection results such as the nuisance species and nature of the problem
  • Develop a customized solution based on the current situation as well as state and local regulations. Management plans might consist of removal, trapping, exclusion, and habitat modification
  • Monitoring of entry and exit points to determine when the nuisance wildlife has been completely removed
  • Repair pest damage and perform exclusion to prevent future wildlife invasions once abatement is complete.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is recommended when necessary

If you are having a nuisance wildlife conflict
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IPM minimizes the economic impact of pests while still protecting your New York City home & workplace environment from pests

IPM is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools to minimize economic health and environmental risks.

National Pest Experts implement IPM procedures to prevent pests from causing problems in the first place, avoid damage from pests already present, suppress pest numbers, and determine when and what type of control strategies to implement in order to decrease the number of pests and damage to your New York City home or business.

National Pest Experts technicians use the formula below to help determine the appropriate control measures to fit your pest control needs



Our IPM approach utilizes the most cost-effective strategies and control measures most likely to result in the permanent reduction of the pest population. Your pest control specialist will employ controls that are least disruptive of natural controls, least hazardous to human health, least toxic to non-target organisms, and least damage to the environment.


  • A thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your premise
  • Identify the species of pests present on the property
  • Identify all hot-spots and harborage sites
  • Determine the location and extent of the infestation and note damages to the structure and commodities
  • Determine conditions conducive to the infestation including sanitation deficiencies and possible entry points
  • Identify items and factors that would impact the development of an IPM program

ESTABLISH THRESHOLD LEVELS (when the pests have become intolerable)

  • Health and safety danger created by the pests
  • Legal restrictions on the pests infestations
  • Pest tolerance level as exhibited by the customer/account/client


  • Sanitation Controls - address pest harborage areas & sources of food & water
  • Mechanical & Physical Controls - use of traps, barriers, removal of pests, etc.
  • Cultural Controls - habitat modification or environmental alteration to make the environment unfavorable to pests
  • Biological Controls - introduce parasites, predators, or pathogens to control the pests
  • Chemical Controls - use of pesticides if appropriate


  • Follow-up inspections, service, and repairs
  • Assess and adjust the control measures implemented
  • Documentation such as: inspection reports, monitoring systems, usage logs, pest activity
  • Modify pest management program as needed
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